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Thank you for your interest

Firstly, thank you for considering Lewis Publications as your publisher. We strive to help our authors bring to life the quality books they have set out to write, and we hope for the chance to work with you as well.

Below is the list of genres we are, and are not, accepting. Please make sure to review it before submitting your manuscript to us as we will not respond to any submissions falling outside our accepts genres. If you have a question or would like clarification on something, please visits the Contact Us page and fill out the form there.

In both regards, we look forward to hearing from you.


What we accept:
  • Children’s books

  • Early Readers Chapter Books

  • Short story collections

  • Novellas 

  • Middle Grade

  • Young Adult

  • New Adult

  • Poetry books

  • Nonfiction books- memoir/autobiography, biography, food & drink, self-help, history, travel, true crime, humor, how-to, religion & spirituality, humanities & social sciences, parenting & families, science & technology, mental health- Britt, devotionals

  • Mental health and characters with disabilities

  • Horror/Thriller

  • Fantasy

  • Scifi

  • Dystopian 

  • Action/Adventure

  • Mystery/Suspense

  • Historical fiction

  • Romance

  • Women’s fiction 

  • Contemporary fiction

  • Christian fiction

  • Literary fiction

  • Magical realism


What we will not accept:
  • Erotica

  • Art & Photography

  • Graphic Novels 

  • Essays

  • Single short stories- not a collection

  • We will not accept any work that has child abuse (fiction or nonfiction), incest, bestiality, racism, or anything that teaches someone how to commit a crime. While we understand that writing about child abuse that has occurred in the author’s life is therapeutic for them, this could result in lawsuits for the author. 

Submission Requirements

To submit: 

When you submit please email a query letter introducing yourself and your manuscript. You should include any publishing credentials you may have, your platform, where we can find you online (your website, Facebook, Instagram, etc), a short summary of your manuscript and a final word count. 

  • Your manuscript should be in Times New Roman or Arial font

  • Size 12 font

  • Double spaced

  • Submitted as a word document and attached to your email

  • Please label your email LASTNAME- GENRE- SUBMISSION.docx

  • All submissions should be emailed to

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