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As Snow Before a Summer Sun

by Deborah Howard

As Snow Before a Summer Sun Ebook (4).jpg

When young, beautiful Cordelia Lawson left her civilized hometown of Baltimore, Maryland to join her soldier husband in the wild frontier of Indian Territory, she couldn’t have imagined how her life would change.

Caught between the love and respect for her husband and her newly-found appreciation and concern for the Southern Cheyenne, her heart and mind are torn. Cordelia’s impulsiveness throws her into wild adventures she couldn’t have dreamed of as a girl in Baltimore. And her rescuer turns out to be the one person on earth she couldn’t stand.


Join her in the dangerous and controversial escapades that threatened her downfall. Will she rise to the occasion? Will the plains force her to grow up? Will she reign victorious over her unusual circumstances? Please enjoy As Snow Before a Summer Sun, Book One of The Cordelia Chronicles.

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