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Where Authors Come to Publish

Welcome to Lewis Publications, the start of your publishing journey. 

About Lewis Publications.

At Lewis Publications, we have a team of professionals that are ready to work with you to make
your dream of becoming a published author a reality. We are committed to giving each of our
authors an enjoyable, smooth and stress-free publishing experience.

"I depend on Lewis Publications to handle my publicity, and they do not disappoint. They have their finger on the pulse of book marketing, and I highly recommend them."

Laurie Stevens

Award-Winning author of psychological suspense

Publish with Us

Below is an overview of the services we provide to all our authors when they decide to publish with us.

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Developmental Editing

Essential to every book is an edit that dives into the plot, character arcs, and story structure.



The inside of the book should be as beautiful as the outside and make for a pleasing read. We make sure that happens.



Correcting grammar, smoothing out sentences, and sharpening language to give the readers a pleasurable experience.


Publishing & Distribution

Getting your book into bookstores can take some work, which is where we step in to help you reach a wider audience. 


Cover design

The cover is what readers see first, so make sure you give them an amazing first impression.


Marketing and Public Relations

Authors want to spend their time writing, which is why we help you build a marketing plan and work with you in implementing it.

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